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About the Artist: Kiki Larouge

World Traveler. Visual Storyteller. Human Rights Activist.

My life and work are a combination of my passions: traveling the world (forty four countries and counting); capturing and telling stories through my photography and writings; and, becoming a human rights activist focusing on helping rid the world of human trafficking. My love of life, photography and exploring the world is both an innate drive and a nurtured passion. After quickly usurping my Dad’s Canon AE-1 as a teenager, I then naturally found my way in to the darkroom in high school and never looked back. While I pursued and completed both a B.A. and M.A. in English and wrote about my world travels in travel essays including a stint with “The Lonely Planet” guidebooks, I was simultaneously telling stories visually with my Canon and one lens (28-135mm) in my bag by my side.

With my four trips around the world I grew as a writer and photographer but, probably most importantly, as a human being. Traveling to many third world and impoverished countries and always with a compassionate spirit, I was inspired to try to help make a difference. In 2004 I spent eight months based in Nepal while visiting neighboring Tibet and India. Nepal was supposed to be a two month trip to do some Himalayan trekking but I quickly fell in love with its beauty, culture and Nepalese people and changed my plans to summer in Bali to, instead, move to the jungles of Chitwan National Park during the hot and wet monsoon season.  Eight months later I left completely smitten. I also left knowing that this country had now become a second home of sorts and was one that I knew I wanted to give back to.

It started with the sponsoring of my trekking guide’s daughter.

My sweet little sponsor, Sabina, in one of my Mom’s hand knit Snug Bug Sweaters at her home in the outskirts of Pokhara  2010

Over the following years I had several photography exhibits and sold Tibetan prayer flags at my Artist Receptions and then sent the proceeds to two non-profits that I had learned about while in Nepal: The Arya Tara School and Maiti Nepal. The former was founded to help Buddhist nuns and the latter combats the heinous crime of human trafficking. While always drawn to human rights issues particularly those involving women and children, in 2009, after hearing first-hand stories about human trafficking, I became actively involved with Maiti Nepal and its founder, Anuradha Koirala. With my many awareness and fundraising campaigns, I then went on to found my own non-profit to help in this fight called Take A Bite Out of Trafficking (TABOOT).

Through photography I am able to tell stories – some bitter and some sweet. In 2007, I started Kiki Larouge Photography to continue my passion for the medium. KLP continues to grow and we look forward to our NEW studio opening May 2017 (details pending!) While On-Location Portrait Sessions are still some of my favorites, our Studio space offers a beautiful and comfortable space for clients year round particularly for KLP’s Contemporary Portraits of Women. To see more from this Portfolio, check out our new BEAUTY + BUBBLES website here.

Redhead in Indian Print Dress Head Shot

KLP is available for commissioned work and travels worldwide on assignment. We have a satellite studio in Seattle, WA where we work for several weeks every fall. Please contact the studio directly for inquiries.



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“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” 

~ Albert Einstein