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The KLP Team

Grace Moschetto of GraceMarie Beauty is the studio’s primary Hair + Makeup Artist and Stylist. Grace works with KLP clients in the Studio and On Location including our Beauty + Bubbles Contemporary Portraits of Women, Family and High School Senior Portraits, and with our Professional Head Shots for both men and women.

Portrait of Women dancing

KLP’s Visual Designer Jessica Carey is graduate from Maine College of Art in Portland, ME. She beautifully designed and maintains both our KLP Beauty + Bubbles and KLP Commercial websites. In addition to our three websites including this one, she works on our Social Media pages and manages all things IT.

Redhead portrait in blue dress

Althea John is the newest member to the KLP team and came to the studio via a College Internship with a strong background in both Photography and Graphic Design. She currently is the studio’s full time assistant and designs all our marketing and promotional materials. She is photographed here with jewelry made of sterling silver and kingman stone by her mother in their Navajo family pattern. Headshot with Navajo Jewelry

Jurek Schreiner has been working KLP Weddings for several years. As our main Wedding Photographer, he shoots the studio’s larger weddings (100+ guests). His portfolio is coming soon and will be featured in with our wedding imagery in the Family + Love Gallery.

Corporate Headshot of Male